Fat loss

– How To Burn More Fat From Your Workouts

Interval training sessions is one of the most efficient ways to get in shape and burn away fat through exercise. The reason for this is the amount of energy needed during and especially AFTER the workout to catch up with oxygen deficit created during high intensity training.

With interval training for fat loss  and resistance training you can boost your metabolism -helping yourself shrinking to those unwanted fat cells.

Let me just quickly stress 2 other important factors when wanting to lose weight before I tell you more about interval training for fat loss.

1. Appropriate diet

The number one thing to focus on when trying to lose fat still remains an
appropriate diet.

I will not get into the nutrition part on this website but I can refer you to what I consider to be a serious newsletter on nutrition and fat loss by registered dietitian, Jason Hunter. It has the mandatory hype phrases about fat loss but the content is of good quality.

For Jason Hunter’s fat loss diet advice click here!

He and Dr Chris Mohr have also created a software program to help you
do your own meal planning.
 It will help you optimize quantity according to what you chose to eat and what your goal is. This downloadable software is very functional for people based in North America but doesn’t work as well
for other parts of the world due to the food database.

Meal Plans Software
Click Here for more information on the meal
planning software to help your fat loss project

2. Supportive environment and accountability

Other important factors in weight loss are a supportive environment and accountability.  These factors are particularly important when it comes to
avoid gaining back the weight again. There are plenty of community type
websites that provide this. Some are aimed at specific groups such as for example busy moms who want to lose weight. The women who are
following this specific training and nutrition program to refind their pre-pregnancy shape have an online “club”. where such an environment is
created to help their ongoing succes.

To help groups such as corporations and organizations create such an environment, I have created the online challenge the Fit Body Boost.

Why interval training is a great help to lose fat fast

Let’s get back to how interval training can help you lose fat…
The very purpose of interval training is to increase the total amount of work at high intensity.

By breaking the high intensity work into chunks, separated by intervals at lower intensities, you are able spend more time totally, working at high intensity, than if you were to work continuously at high intensity.  The benefits of interval training have been known for ages in the world of sport specific training. In the fitness world, however, it is still a common belief that if fat loss is your goal, there is no way around those long sessions of steady state cardio training. It is true that for a given intensity aerobic exercise you increase energy expenditure (and thus fat loss potential) during and after the workout the longer your workout session.  However, there is no way you can keep as high intensities when you work at steady rate, as you can when you work with intervals. It is physiologically impossible.

When you do interval training with fat loss as the main purpose you should pick an activity that works most of the body – or at least the big muscle groups. If you pick an arm bike for example, you won’t get as much for your effort as if you pick a full body activity.

Trampo-Lean - Interval Training On The Garden Trampoline

If you have access to a trampoline you can also try out my  3-step progression interval training program with fun, full body exercises to do on the garden trampoline.

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