Fun Interval Training Workouts

Interval training doesn’t have to be running or biking!

In order to not get bored and stay motivated, you can make fun interval training workouts using creative alternatives to the treadmill or bike.   Really, it is only your imagination limiting your choice.

One of my favorite tools is the trampoline. As a former Olympic moguls skier, I used the trampoline a lot. I needed to do intervals of 30 seconds at max intensity as in a mogul run and on the trampoline I could assimilate the movements from skiing pretty well.
What was really great though, was that it is fun at the same time as being efficient. I love that!

If you want to fun interval training programs in your garden – Get that trampoline up.

To make it easy for you, I have made a 3-step interval training program available on video download here:

You can read more about my fitness video, Trampo-Lean here.